Heads of Style of Australian Karate Clubs/ Organisations are welcome to apply for membership with the Australian Karate Federation Limited.

In order to become a Member an Organisation must submit an application, in which the Member undertakes to:

  1. align itself with the obligations under the Constitution, the WKF Governing Documents and the Policies;
  2. pay the fees and subscriptions determined to apply to the Organisation
  3. ensure that relevant categories of persons associated with the Organisation are registered with the Company as Individual Members; and
  4. ensure that all the Organisation’s Karate Instructors are accredited.

Until such time as an applicant complies with these provisions, the applicant will be considered to be a Provisional Member.

An applicant for Membership will be required to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Board that it meets the applicable criteria for Membership

The cost of Annual Membership includes AKF member services and comprehensive Insurance cover.

Benefits include:

  • Member Organisation insurance (Public Liability/Professional Indemnity)
  • Individual Member insurance (Personal Accident)
  • Peak Body recognition
  • Access to State and National Championships
  • Access to CKF Commonwealth Championships
  • Access to WKF Premier League, Series A and World Championships
  • Dan Grade recognition (only with Head of Style approval)
  • Peak Body instructor accreditation
  • Government weapons licence  
  • Access to sanctioned events including referees’ courses and educational seminars
  • Access to government funded incentives for your members (e.g. Active Kids vouchers)

Please click here to apply

Please ask your Sensei / Club Administrator to provide you with a unique link to register

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