1. Exercise the Sporting Authority as the national federation for Karate in Australia and to act as the sole Australian affiliated member of WKF in accordance with the WKF Governing Documents;
  2. regulate, conduct, encourage, promote, advance, control and manage all levels and disciplines of Karate in Australia;
  3. encourage and promote widespread development and participation in Karate including by advocating for Karate and the interests of all karate practitioners across competitive, recreational and traditional activity areas;
  4. strive for and maintain Government, commercial and public recognition of Karate in Australia and the Company as the authority for Karate in Australia;
  5. adopt, formulate, issue, interpret and amend Policies for the control and conduct of Karate in Australia;
  6. ensure that all Karate in Australia is carried on in a manner that enhances the safety of participants, officials, spectators and the public;
  7. act as the interface between Karate and government and communicate with and advocate to government agencies and the public;
  8. administer financial and other assistance provided by government or other public or private sources for Karate;
  9. promulgate, and secure uniformity in, such rules and standards as may be necessary for the management and control of Karate, Karate competitions and related activities, including but not limited to coaching standards;
  10. pursue through itself or others such commercial arrangements, including sponsorship and marketing opportunities, as are appropriate to further these Objects;
  11. establish and conduct educational programs for coaches, officials and participants in the implementation and interpretation of Karate rules and standards;
  12. conduct or commission research and development for improvements in Karate;
  13. promote, control, manage and conduct Karate events, competitions and championships;
  14. affiliate and liaise with the Australian Sports Commission, the Australian Olympic Committee and any other relevant organisations in pursuit of these Objects; and
  15. undertake other actions or activities for the advancement of these Objects.

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